Shock Top Belgian White review

Shock Top Belgian White

Shock Top Belgian White is an award-winning, medium-bodied Belgian-style wheat ale brewed in the United States. It has quickly become a fan favorite among craft beer enthusiasts and casual beer drinkers alike for its approachable flavor and fun, lively brand personality.

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

  • Beer Type: Belgian Witbier
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Alcohol Content: 5.2% ABV

Shock Top Belgian White Beer Review – A Refreshing Twist on Traditional Belgian Witbier

The Shock Top Brand

Shock Top has a unique branding approach that makes it stand out on store shelves. Its mascot, a talking orange slice named ‘Wedgehead,’ personifies the brewery’s playful spirit and the orange peel used in the brewing process. The tap handles often feature this character, making it easy to spot at a bar or restaurant.

Visual Appeal

Visually, Shock Top Belgian White presents a hazy, golden color with a generous, frothy white head, reminiscent of a classic Belgian Witbier. The cloudiness is due to the beer’s unfiltered nature, meaning the yeast hasn’t been removed after fermentation, adding to the overall flavor and texture.

Aroma and Taste

The aroma of Shock Top Belgian White is a tantalizing blend of wheat, citrus (notably orange peel), and coriander. This complex yet balanced bouquet sets up an intriguing taste profile, one that manages to deliver on the promise of the aroma.

The flavor profile of Shock Top Belgian White is very much in line with its scent. It starts with a taste of sweet, wheat malt that is quickly followed by a refreshing burst of citrus. The finish brings a slight hint of spice from the coriander and leaves a pleasantly yeasty and tangy aftertaste.

With a moderate alcohol content of 5.2% ABV, Shock Top Belgian White is approachable and session-friendly. It delivers a balance of flavor and refreshment that makes it a popular choice for any occasion.

Pairing Suggestions

Shock Top Belgian White pairs well with a variety of foods due to its versatile flavor profile. It goes particularly well with lighter dishes such as salads and seafood, but it can also stand up to spicier foods. The refreshing citrus notes and hint of spice complement a wide range of flavors, making it a fantastic all-around choice for any meal.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Shock Top Belgian White is an enjoyable and refreshing take on the traditional Belgian Witbier style. It delivers an intriguing blend of flavors that are both familiar and novel, leading to its broad appeal. I rate it a solid 4 out of 5 stars.

For those interested in expanding their beer horizons without venturing too far into the realm of obscure craft beers, Shock Top Belgian White is a delightful place to start. It’s a beer that promises – and delivers – good times and great taste.