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    The Allure of Spanish Gin

    Spain’s Most Popular Bottles Reviewed

Gin has journeyed far from its roots as ‘Genever’ in medieval Holland to become a global sensation. While the UK may often spring to mind when discussing this spirited drink, Spain is hot on its heels with a gin renaissance all its own. From the sunny beaches of Costa Brava to the bustling streets of Madrid, Spanish gin is making waves. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover Spain’s most popular gins and their reviews.

The Gin-tonic Phenomenon

If you’ve ever visited Spain, you’d know that the ‘Gin-tonic’ isn’t just a drink, it’s an experience. Oversized glasses, a plethora of botanicals, and gin poured generously; Spanish Gin-tonics are a sight to behold and a taste to relish.

But how did gin find its home in Spain? One could argue that it was the British influence in Menorca, a Spanish island, where gin production began in the 18th century. Today, the island’s native gin, ‘Xoriguer’, stands as a testament to Spain‘s deep-rooted gin culture.

Spain’s Most Popular Gins Reviewed

Gin Mare review

Gin Mare

Taste Profile: A Mediterranean orchestra of botanicals including basil, thyme, rosemary, and olives.

Review: “Gin Mare is like a summer trip encapsulated in a bottle. Its aromatic herbs transport you straight to a sunny coast. Perfect for those looking for a distinct, aromatic gin experience.” – Carlos M., gin enthusiast

Nordes Gin review

Nordes Gin

Taste Profile: Made from Albariño grape, with botanicals such as sage, bay leaf, and eucalyptus.

Review: “Nordes offers a gentle floral touch, leaving a refreshing finish. It’s a celebration of Galician spirit!” – Lucia B., mixologist

SANTAMANÍA gin review


Taste Profile: Crafted in Madrid, this gin boasts a raspberry base and unique botanicals like pistachio.

Review: “SANTAMANÍA is a delightful surprise. The nutty undertone from the pistachio gives it a distinct edge over other gins.” – Fernando S., gin blogger

Xoriguer Gin review

Xoriguer Gin

Taste Profile: A Menorcan classic, it’s known for its grape-based spirit and aromatic herbs.

Review: “An iconic representation of Spanish gin. The rich history can be tasted in every sip. It’s timeless!” – Alejandra V., historian

La Republica Organic Gin review

La Republica Organic Gin

Taste Profile: An organic selection with Andean cocoa, Amazonian coffee, and Valencia orange.

Review: “A worldly experience in a glass. The rich cocoa and coffee notes set it apart. Truly organic, truly spectacular!” – Miguel L., organic farmer

most popular gin from spainmost popular gin from spain

Serving the Spanish Way

Spanish gin is best enjoyed with high-quality tonic, plenty of ice, and an array of garnishes. Fresh herbs, citrus peels, and even peppercorns can elevate your gin-tonic experience.

From the aromatic herbs of Gin Mare to the nutty notes of SANTAMANÍA, Spanish gin offers a spectrum of flavors. Its rich history, diverse botanicals, and the sheer art of serving make it a unique experience. As more connoisseurs discover Spain‘s gin treasures, its global popularity is set to soar.

So, the next time you’re in Spain or at your local liquor store, make a beeline for these Spanish gems. Here’s to the vibrant and ever-evolving world of Spanish gin – ¡Salud!