Brewdog Nanny State

Brewdog Nanny State

Famous for their craft beers, Brewdog hit the mark with Nanny State. This non-alcoholic beer offers a robust, hoppy flavor that proves low in alcohol does not have to mean low in taste.

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

  • Beer Type: Non-Alcoholic Hoppy Ale
  • Country of Origin: Scotland
  • Alcohol Content: 0.5% ABV

Brewdog Nanny State Review – A Non-Alcoholic Powerhouse

Brewdog Nanny State breaks the mold when it comes to non-alcoholic beer, proving that you can still experience a world of complex flavours and robust character without the high alcohol content.

Hailing from Scotland, Brewdog is a brewery known for pushing boundaries, and their Nanny State Non-Alcoholic Hoppy Ale is no exception. Despite having an alcohol content of just 0.5% ABV, this beer manages to deliver on all the elements you’d expect from a well-crafted ale.

On the nose, Brewdog Nanny State offers an enticing blend of malt and hops. You’ll pick up on notes of toasted grain and earthy hops, hinting at the complexity to come.

Tasting Nanny State is a delightful experience. It’s dominated by a rich, malty backbone complemented by a prominent hop character. Bitterness is well-balanced with hints of caramel and fruit, making this beer surprisingly flavourful for a non-alcoholic brew. It finishes clean, with a lingering taste of hops and malt that encourages another sip.

Brewdog Nanny State earns a solid 4-star rating for delivering a full-bodied, flavour-packed beer that just happens to be non-alcoholic. It’s proof that you don’t have to compromise on taste when looking for lower-alcohol options.

In conclusion, Brewdog Nanny State is an excellent choice for those seeking a non-alcoholic beer that still offers a rich, satisfying flavour profile. With Brewdog, you can enjoy all the complexities of a good ale without the high ABV.