East Imperial Burma Tonic Water

East Imperial Burma Tonic Water

With a very low sugar content, East Imperial Burma Tonic Water is the driest on the market. It has high levels of natural quinine, which gives it a distinctive bitter edge. This is perfect for pairing with a strong, juniper-forward gin.

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

Exceptional Quinine Burst: Reviewing East Imperial Burma Tonic Water

Refreshingly crisp, impeccably balanced, and steeped in a heritage that reaches into the heart of Southeast Asia, East Imperial’s Burma Tonic Water is indeed a gem that originates from New Zealand, proving its worth in the globally competitive market of premium mixers.

The Burma Tonic Water – the crowning glory of East Imperial – owes its distinction to a fascinating blend of ingredients, including handpicked cinchona bark from Indonesia and top-quality cane sugar. Its uniquely bitter profile – a product of the highest quinine content available in the market – offers an alluring complexity, revitalizing your taste buds with each sip.

What truly makes East Imperial Burma Tonic Water a standout in the realm of gourmet mixers is its authenticity. The subtle interplay of flavours pays homage to the original 1908 recipe, delivering a historically rich, bold tonic experience that is impossible to replicate.

Upon uncapping the stylishly retro bottle, you are instantly enveloped by a tantalizingly aromatic bouquet – an overture of what lies ahead. On the palate, the taste is equally exquisite – invigoratingly bitter yet subtly sweet, capturing the quintessential essence of traditional tonic water.

The effervescence is carefully calibrated – delicate enough to sparkle on your tongue, yet robust enough to complement and enhance a range of spirits, particularly gin. And when used in cocktails, this tonic water bestows an unparalleled depth of flavour, making every sip a celebration.

However, despite its brilliance, it may not appeal to everyone. The tonic’s pronounced quinine bitterness can be too robust for some palates, hence the 4.5-star rating. But for the tonic connoisseur, this adds to its allure, making it an unmissable treat.

In conclusion, the East Imperial Burma Tonic Water, with its remarkable blend of authenticity, flavour, and heritage, offers a timeless tonic experience. Whether you’re a cocktail enthusiast or a lover of classic G&Ts, this tonic water adds a fresh, vibrant spin to every drink.